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Retrieving a Voided Transaction in QuickBooks

Fixing QuickBooks errors has become a lot more easy...

No automatic Undo Feature is available if any transaction is voided in the QuickBooks. The program stores all the records of voided transaction in a separate report. Whereas you can retrieve the deleted transaction, use the option Deleted/Voided Transactions report. This is to find and restore the deleted transaction. All the voided transaction from QuickBooks will stay in the books in case you want to locate the transaction. The transaction that has been voided can't be devoid. To add void transaction in the register, first, you need to find the original voided transaction, click on it and enter the transaction once again to your register.

This keeps the voided transaction on record with new and original transaction. Now, locate the transaction first before you re-enter the transaction.

  1. Open yourQuickBooks Accounting Software. From the main menu, select “Reports.”
  2. Now, click on “Accountants and Taxes.” In the context menu, click on Voided/Deleted Transactions Detail.”
  3. Now, find the voided transaction from the list. This is to retrieve the same transaction. Now, write down the amount of the transaction.
  4. In the navigation menu, select “Lists.” Now, from the drop-down menu click on “Chart of Accounts.”
  5. Open the register account to double-click on the account of the voided transaction.
  6. In QuickBooks, once the transaction is void, you will see the transaction in the program but all the transaction will amount to zero.
  7. In the account register, go through the transaction.
  8. Now, highlight the voided transaction and click on it.
  9. Now, paste the original amount of the transaction or type in that column. Now, either select “Record” or "Save" button. This is to retrieve the information of the transaction by restoring it.

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